Mercury HMI Ltd

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Company History

In 1986, Mark O'Brien joined Spectra-Tek as a development engineer, and was delighted to be working with the co-founder, Mr Richard Shepherd, a redoubtable engineer and oil flow measurement expert. Mark assisted Richard with the Design of the Mercury 2, little knowing that 15 years later, he would be an owner of the Mercury and other Spectra-Tek IP.

Mark Jackson also joined Spectra-Tek, and the two Marks quickly became a good team, with their complementary hardware and software skills. They designed much of the S500 and S600 hardware, programmable logic and supporting firmware.

Spectra-tek was puchased by Daniel Industries of Houston, TX who in turn, was bought by Emerson Process Management, for their Flow Measurement products. The Hazardous Area products were not core to Emerson's business and the Intellectual Property and tooling and full rights of the Hazardous Area products were purchased.

Mercury HMI Ltd have continued to develop and enhance the products, and have steadily grown the business and expanded the customer base. We also provide a full repair and overhaul capability from the headquarters in Malton, North Yorkshire.