Mercury HMI Ltd

R507/R507A I.S Interface Module

R507 Interface ModuleThe R507A Interface Module is a Safe Area DIN rail mounted device which provide the Intrinsically Safe power and communications signals to the Mercury 2+ and Sentry Card Reader in Hazardous Areas.

The original R507 Interface Module is still available for use with the old Mercury 2e Operator Termial.

The unit provides galvanic isolation between the field mounted hazardous area equipment and the Safe Area 24V power supply.

Key Features

  • ATEX approved
  • II(1) G [Ex ia] IIC
  • Suitable for Mercury 2+ and Sentry Card Reader

Its unique feature of supplying safe power and communications over distances of up to 1 kilometre makes the R507/R507A Module suitable for a range of different uses.